Adventure On

Well, it has been a good season for me up at Glacier Bay. I had to say goodbye to my Glacier Bay Lodgie family and that beautiful place. I have been blessed to have been able to serve there and am glad I returned for another season. I am now working in Olympic National Park. It is so beautiful here! I haven’t explored much yet, but I cannot wait to see what this park has to offer.

Before coming here I got to spend a few days with a good friend in Juneau named Deb! She is an awesome person who has a heart for others and loves God. One of the things I could not help but thinking about was persevering in everything that we do. Even when things are hard, keep going. I thought about a verse in John talking about Jesus overcoming the world (John 16:33). I thought about this verse before coming out here to Olympic National Park to finish out the season here. It was a reminder to keep trusting in God, but to adventure on. I will be leaving Olympic in a few weeks to go and visit Japan for two weeks. I have no idea what I will do, other than visit a friend or two, but I am excited. I cannot wait to go and see what God will do over there.

I pray that you all be blessed by God and experience the joy and love and peace and comfort that I do. Love you all and hope you keep adventuring on!!


  • Those affected by the hurricane, fire, earthquake, and other natural disasters that are happening in the US right now.
  • Remaining season here at Olympic National Park
  • Fellow Glacier Bay coworkers that they have safe travels
  • Japan trip coming up soon!