“The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1. This verse really speaks volumes out here. I thought of this verse when I was up bay camping. Camping in the wilderness. The wild Alaska that has God’s fingerprints all over it. Me and a few coworkers of mine camped at Scidmore Bay. It is a location that is not remote, but you feel you are. It becomes a new experience when you camp and are surrounded by the beauty of Glacier Bay. Imagine now, being dropped off by boat to go camp for a night or longer. There are no cell towers, no traffic, no people. Just you, a friend or group of friends and the nature and animals that surround you. I mean, you could just feel yourself becoming and feeling more at peace. There is something about being surrounded with nothing but the trees and the sounds of nature to bring you closer to God and to make you appreciate God more and how blessed you are to be in a National Park. It was wonderful getting picked up by the boat though. Do not get me wrong, I loved being up bay. I also was really wanting to get picked up and not be in the rain and wet anymore. Oh what peaceful bliss I felt! I just cannot get over the fact that I was just camping two days ago. I just had an amazing time! The colors were amazing, the scene was just majestic. Mountains towering high, covered with snow that creates the glaciers, shrouded in clouds and filtered sunshine, creating the blues and hues that surrounded us making it change minute to minute. Never the same, always changing. The waves crashed, the wind howled, the clouds rolled in. The feeling was the same though. Awe. Just awe. Blessed beyond measure and small in comparison to where we are, only to appreciate it even more than ever before. That is what it is like to camp up bay. The experience is always different, places are the same, but the landscape has something new to offer each time.


  • Guests to attend our services! We have had about one each service and want to see more guests attend!
  • Relationships with our coworkers. We want to be a safe place for our coworkers and good meaningful conversations with them.
  • WINTER PLACEMENTS!!! I am currently applying for winter placements with ACMNP and prayers for that would be greatly appreciated!

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